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Complex Challenges. Tailored Solutions.

We are a team of problem solvers who love complex challenges with no clear solution. These types of efforts allow for creativity, innovation, and collaboration. We support all manner of Aviation, Missile, Ground, and Infrastructure Systems - focusing on the best solution, not the easy solution. 

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Cintel, Inc. is a small business providing our clients nimble, unique, value-focused solutions services in Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Modeling & Simulation, Systems Integration, Energy & Power, Infrastructure, and Systems Engineering.

Our core mission is to deliver innovative solutions through connected teams – Innovate, Create, Serve.

Corporately, we value the innovative solutions our people bring.  We foster an entrepreneurial spirit with every employee; our people have great ideas and deliver creative solutions for our clients.  Nurturing the creative drive, diverse backgrounds, and innovative spirit of our people is vital to our clients’ success.




Cintel brings diverse and varied experience in Modeling & Simulation. Our first Task Order was in this space and we have supported several customers with solutions to include the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center (AvMC), Missile Defense Agency, the Special Operations Community, Ground Systems, and the U.S. Air Force. Cintel brings experience and offers solutions in the following Modeling & Simulation areas:

– Autonomous Path Planning – Design-space Exploration – Surrogate Modeling – Trade-off Analyses and Optimization – Cyber-Physical & Electro-Mechanical Modeling – Vehicle Dynamics Modeling (3-6 DOF, Static Stability) – Blue Force and Threat Modeling (Aerial & Ground) – Machine Learning Machine Learning – Computer Vision – Geospatial Data Collection/Processing/Analysis – Algorithm Development – GPS Denied Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Determination Methods – Warfighter Focused ISR, and GIS Integration – Software Development –


Cintel supports multiple customers in full spectrum software development, with a focus on tailored solutions to customer needs & requirements. Our team brings experience in software development in both Linux and Windows operating systems and bring detailed experience in programming languages including C#, C++, Java, Python, R, and Lisp.

Our approach to software development centers on Open Architecture and away from restrictive proprietary development. Our Government customers enjoy the benefits of a tailored solution with full transparency in the code. We bring experience in: 

– Initial Concept Development – Prototype Development, Maturation & Scale – Enterprise Application Development – Model-Based Software Development –  Machine Learning Integration –  Algorithm Development –

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APERTURE, our service-based Data Science approach, helps us view the world through our customer's eyes; focusing our efforts to rapidly develop and deploy affordable, practical data-driven decision support solutions.

Our approach empowers customers in the world of Big Data by equipping them with intuitive tool suites that transform their disparate and fragmented data sets into a coherent and holistic view of their business, and enable them to harness that information to derive insights and make more-informed business decisions.
Cintel's core Data Science solutions include:

– Data Processing and Integration – Data Analytics and Machine Learning – Intelligent Bench-Marking – Energy Investment Forecasting – Pattern / Trend Identification – Project Trade-Off and Prioritization – Multi-Attribute Decision Making – Software Development –


Cintel supports multiple customers in the areas of Operational/Tactical Energy & Power Solutions with specific focus on power, power generation, energy storage/battery systems, electrical solutions, thermal mitigation, prototype development, and fielding support.


Our experienced team delivers practical, state-of-the-art solutions to complex power and energy needs on the battlefield with a focus on the warfighter. Additionally our team supports design, development, prototyping, and test support for all aspects of our Tactical Systems efforts. Our expertise includes (but is not limited to) the following areas:

– Missile Power Systems – Conventional & Hybrid Power Generation – System Design & Hardware Integration – Thermal Analysis & Mitigation – Systems Engineering – Requirements Analysis – Tech Evaluation – Business Case Analysis – TRL Analysis – Engineering Level Test & Evaluation –

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Cintel’s team brings unique experience in the Infrastructure & Facilities Energy space. Our team has a diverse background in both Federal and Commercial facilities energy and power solutions. We provide customers solutions and out-of-the-box approaches to their energy & infrastructure needs at both the execution and strategic level. We bring expertise in the following areas:

– Facility Energy/Infrastructure Data Analytics – Energy Efficiency – Engineering Support Services – Commissioning – Facility Operations – Mechanical Design Support – Metering & Industrial Control Systems – 3rd Party Measurement & Verification –

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Our team of subject matter experts proactively assess and report operational and technology-specific threats and vulnerabilities, providing critical support throughout the entire lifecycle of sensitive programs, operations, and missions. We routinely provide CI briefings, conduct analyses, and proactively identify Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE) targeting customer sensitive technologies, equities, locations/facilities, defense industry base entities, and academic institutions– while providing mitigation options and recommendations.

– Intelligence Analysis – Intelligence Lifecycle Support – Threat Analysis – Technical Surveillance – Counterintelligence


Cintel, with our partner company Ci Power Solutions, is a member of the Coalition of Disaster Responders, delivering critical power generation support to areas impacted by disasters, both natural and man-made. The Coalition of Disaster Responders (CDR) was formed to organize a group of top shelf, integrity based first-responders creating a single, integrated group with the capability of handling large scale property losses & recovery efforts. 

Our team provides full scale critical power generation support that includes, but is not limited to: Power Analysis; Generator Supply; Generator Set-Up; Generator Operations & Maintenance; and Long- and Short-Term Power Generation. Our team supports power needs across the spectrum, from 5kW up to, and in excess of 1MW.


Our Cyber Security experts provide specialized solutions with specific focus on Risk Management Framework, NIST 800-171, Software Systems Security, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Information Assurance, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the interdependencies of our evermore connected world.


We bring specific Cyber expertise in the areas of systems architecture, systems policy, power systems (operational and installation), microgrids, utilities, tactical weapons platforms, and interconnected complex systems with our VILLIAN™ process, focused on the Cyber-Physical interdependencies of a complex system.


Our team focuses on helping customers make strategic decisions to prevent attacks by providing integrated expertise to protect systems.

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Cintel HQ
4100 Market Street, Suite 115
Huntsville, AL 35808

Cintel Michigan Regional Office
7205 Sterling Ponds Court
Sterling Heights, MI 48312

Cintel Florida Panhandle Regional Office

1992 Lewis Turner Blvd., Suite 208,

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547


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